OCLITS Systems is providing e-Business and Technology solution since 1999. OCLITS Systems is also ISO-9001:2008 certified company, which shows our Quality Management Systems has been defined and implemented through out the organization. OCLITS Systems specializes in the Industry Leading Hardware & Software Solutions & Services. OCLITS Systems range of Solutions and Services.

OCLITS Specialized Solutions

Company Introduction

OCLITS is the Information Technology Arm of Osmani Group of Companies, which is a leading business group of Pakistan since 1961.

OCLITS Team is composed of the Best Talent available in Pakistan. An equal opportunity employer, OCLITS members include:

  • Seasoned Management (USA Educated)
  • Experienced, Professional & Certified Instructors
  • Curriculum Design Experts & Content Creators
  • Backend Professional Support from OCLITS Systems

OCLITS possesses an International standard Infrastructure to cater both international & Pakistani clientele including:

  • Cloud & Virtual Server Environment
  • Big Data Handling
  • DR Site Management
  • Data Center Consultancy
  • Corporate with Broadband Internet Access
  • Licensed Software & Development Tools
  • International & Local Alliances and Partnerships
  • Enterprise-wide Library & Resource Center
  • Multi-media Class rooms and labs

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM) ?